The Association

The Association is committed to promoting the development of Hong Kong and the foundation of the industry, and committed to promoting the development of members, serving the society, and achieving a win-win situation. After the development and change for years, the Association used its current name in May 2014 and started a new journey. This Association promotes the characteristics of globalization. Our members include corporate members and joint members. The members’ business covers various industrial and commercial sector, including finance, real estate, logistics, manufacturing, information technology, professional services, hotels, tourism,trading, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and cultural creativity. The Association has established numbers of regional chambers, industry chapters and committees to serve the members. Based in Hong Kong, we currently have a total of Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Europe offices. Since the establishment of the association, we have united the outstanding business and industry leaders domestic and abroad to enhance understanding and achieve a win-win situation. We have established close ties with chambers around the world, and also workd as economic and investment consultants for various provinces, municipalities governments in mainland China to promote foreign trade and investment cooperation. The association plays a vital part in the journey of building the motherland, prospering Hong Kong, and contributing to the society. Standing at a new point, the association hopes to expand continuously resources and sectors which could help serve members, make friends, and participate in and serve the society. In prospect of the future, the association will keep pace with the times, constantly strengthen its own functions in the spirit of pioneering and innovation, continue to unite closely and rely on its members, strengthen service to its members, and play a role in building the motherland, prospering Hong Kong and contributing to society.


Welcome to official website of Hong Kong Chinese Industry & Commerce Association. You can learn more about the history, services and latest news of the Association from the website. The website also provides timely business information, explores the markets, and deepen friends’ from all walks of life understanding of the association. The Association adheres to the mission of “collecting development, serving the society, and achieving a harmonious and win-win situation”, assisting members to expand their connections, create market channels, safeguard the rights and interests of members, and actively encourage social responsibility to undertake social activities. Exhibitions, training, research, etc., promote the exchange and cooperation, and promote the sustainable development of society. We are committed to doing everything based on integrity to deepen the trust of our members, partners and society. Adhere to rigorous membership and business selection criteria to avoid from affecting members and their reputation. As the Chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese Industry & Commerce Association, I sincerely invite you to join our Association, share our business resources, help you expand your network, use the platform of the association, enhance the sense of membership, and help members integrate into the mainstream society of Hong Kong and the Mainland China. Lots of outstanding Hong Kong companies, Chinese companies and multinational companies have membered in the Association. Please join us now! Finally, we show our respects here to all the friends and members who care about and support our development, and we will continue to promote economic and trade cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland China . Here we look forward to your great success in the future.

Mission & Vision

1. Promote the development of the industrial and commercial community, seek business opportunities and prosper Hong Kong.

2. Benefit members and lead members to participating in public affairs and serving the society.

3. Strengthen exchanges and communication between the association and chambers of commerce and the governments around the world, and promote win-win cooperation.

4. Enhance the sense of honor and help members integrate into the mainstream society.

5. Advocate members to comply with the core values of the association: altruism, service, and dedication.


Membership Services

1) Organize various business exhibitions, domestic and overseas business visits, provide business cooperation opportunities, and assist members to explore new opportunities and international market;

2) Assist members in carrying out investment activities, strive for government preferential conditions and services, give priority to members’ projects to financial institutions, assist government agencies in organizing investment promotion activities and conducting member exchanges;

3) Organize seminars, training, membership salons, and business-friendly activities, and provide members with exchanges and management skills;

4) Strive for and protect the welfare of members, carry out cultural and recreational activities that are beneficial to the members, and pay attention to the emotions of members;

5) For more information, please refer to the membership rules and services of the association (2019-2022)

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